Job Create Job Action

With the help of the Job Create Job Action, it is possible to create a job via a stream instead of creating it via a regular route (auto import, web import, export, etc.). It is possible to use the profile ID, the job name, the Define priority as well as the rendering node(s) for which the job is intended. In addition, metadata and stream variables can be adopted from the stream that creates the job. The profile ID of a profile can be found in the hidden overlay of the respective profile. This node can be used for a variety of purposes.

Example 1:

If you want to automatically copy the assets in a project to the central storage after importing the project, it is possible to index the project via a stream attached to the event "post_create_project" and to create a job that uses a Housekeeper profile via which the assets in the project are copied. As a result, this process is detached from the actual import process and can be transferred to dedicated nodes.

Example 2:

If you do not want the editor to leave the FX interface in order to trigger Housekeeper workflows, for example, a possible solution would be to create custom FX streams, which are used to create jobs in which Housekeeper profiles are used.