The new VidiCore integration in Helmut4 empowers VidiCore users to automate their Media Management in the Cloud and gives you access to control all API driven processes in the backend to design powerful workflows.

The Streamdesigner in Helmut4 provides 28 new dedicated VidiCore nodes. By implementing these nodes in a stream, it is possible to communicate with a native VidiCore system to generate workflows in the context of collections, files, items, libraries and metadata.

Note: Every single node requires the URL of the related VidiCore system. For that purpose, it is recommended to define variables and use wildcards for the corresponding fields.

To successfully connect to the VidiCore system and get the required token regarding a correct authentication it is also mandatory to use the VidiCore Get Token node in the beginning of all related VidiCore streams.

The relative file path is not identical to the file's path of the locally mounted remote storage. It is referring to the external drive's perspective and points to a certain location inside that storage.