Audio Streams Condition

With the help of the audio streams condition it is possible to use the number of audio streams in a video file as a condition for further actions. Helmut 4 uses Media Info for this, which is automatically installed when the client is installed. It is possible to define the number of streams that are or should be available. This condition is helpful if e.g. a proxy with the appropriate number of audio tracks is to be generated for each video file. (Mandatory requirement for Premiere Pro Proxy workflows). Due to the fact that a distinction is made between audio channels and audio streams within an .mxf file, this condition exists alongside the audio channel condition.

The Audio Stream Condition can theoretically be queried in every stream, as it is not linked to the project object or the user object, but it mostly makes sense if there is a job object in the stream. The job object is available if it is a HelmutIO stream.

The path to the mediainfo binary can be customized if the binary is located in a different directory or if a different version is desired.

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