How to start

After setting up your Helmut server and installing the Helmut client on your workstation, you can access the Helmut4 website by opening Google Chrome or Firefox and typing the IP address or DNS name of your Helmut server.

The login page will appear, and the image below will guide you through the available options:

Before attempting to log in, please ensure that the Helmut4 client is running on your workstation

Application Selector:

By choosing the product icon, you can determine the application for your login. The display of icons depends on the presence of the associated core license(s).

Application Selection Field:

When selecting a product, you can choose the application for login. The listing of products is contingent on the presence of relevant core licenses.

User Name Field:

This field is for entering the user name, which can be either the display name or the username.

Password Field:

Enter the user's password in this field.

Remember Me Toggle Switch:

When set to true, this toggle switch saves the entered credentials.

Login Button:

Initiates the login process using the selected and entered values.