Cosmo-Project View

Project Level

Indicates at which level within the project you are currently located. The root level (Projects) is always displayed first. After the colon follow project name, folders and subfolders separated by an arrow symbol. It is possible to click on part of the displayed project level to get back.

Filter / filter bubble

The filter bubble function is identical for all four modules: FX, IO, CO and HK. For more information navigate to the HelmutFX projects-filter tab.

The search bar function is identical for all four modules: FX, IO, CO and HK. For more information navigate to the HelmutFX projects-search bar tab.

Create Folder

Opens a dialog for entering the name of a new folder. A new folder will be created at the current project level.

The new folder will be synced to the project file the next time the project and the Helmut4 Panel extension are opened.

Upload Assets

Navigate to Upload & Ingest Workflow for further information.

Upload Dialog

Navigate to Upload monitoring for further information.

Import Assets

Navigate to Ingest Workflow for further information.

Refresh Button

The button will refresh the view of the project within Cosmo.

Action Button

For further information towards the action button in Cosmo see: CO Event Triggers.


Displays the timestamp of the last change to the asset.


Indicates the accessibility of the asset's path stored in the database by the last client (or server container) that executed the latest index action.*

If accessible, the file is represented as online with a green thumbs-up; if inaccessible, it is indicated with a red thumbs-down.

* Before the release of Helmut 4.6.0, only the server was able to index a project - see Important changes from version 4.6.0 onwards


Displays a green thumbs-up for synced or a red thumbs-down for unsynced when an asset has been synchronized with the project file.

Once the project file is opened with a running Helmut4 panel, the asset will be synced. For further information, refer to: Set synced / unsynced trigger

Folder / Breadcrumb

Displays, in addition to the project level, the folder structure in which the displayed asset is located.

In Helmut4, folders or bins in a project are referenced as breadcrumbs.


Displays the size of the project after indexing, or the size of an asset.

MIME type

Navigate to MIME Type for further information.


Displays the name of the asset in the list.

Type icon

Displays the asset type as an icon. There are icons for folders, data, video/audio/image assets, and sequences/compositions.