Stream Set Temporary Variable Action

With the help of the Stream Set Temporary Variable Action it is possible to set a variable within a running stream and to query it at any point within this stream by using the wildcard {stream.variable.?}.


A path that occurs repeatedly within a stream.

To prevent static copy and paste actions, the stream variable can be used to define it in the first place, and make all other references dynamically based on the first definition.

Lifetime of a stream variable

By default a stream variable is no longer available after the stream has ended.

As temporary variables can only be created and used in a stream it is possible to inherit them to another stream/job by using Stream Execute Generic Stream Action, Job Create Job Action or Job as Json.

The sub stream can retrieve and update the temporary variable and pass this on to the next one.

Keep in mind, that the changed value won't be returned to the previous stream

Stream variable exception

An exception to this are Pre-Streams. If a temporary variable has been defined in a pre-stream, this one will be passed on to the main stream defined in the profile.