The dashboard panel is showing any project-related jobs.

This can be considered a condensed view compared to the dashboard menu within these modules: IO, CO and HK.

It doesn't have any impact on any new incoming job if the panel is pointing to the dashboard, export, or Cosmo tab while it is receiving it.

Job window


The icon displays the trigger/source application that created a new job.

Valid sources include:

  • HK

  • IO

  • CO

  • Premiere Pro

  • After Effects

  • Audition

  • 3rd party


This provides additional information about the trigger used in the source, e.g., Cosmo Web Upload or IO watchfolder.


Displays the name of the job or source asset that will be processed.

Progress & status notification

The circle indicates the current progress of the running task or job. The attached text field displays notifications about the status, which need to be set within the stream using a Job Status Update Action node. The progress is represented in percentage from 0 to 100 or with a spinning circle. The progress circle can have three different color states:

  • Grey: The job hasn't been taken up from the client so far

  • Yellow: The job has been queued, waiting for a processing trigger

  • Green: The job is currently running/executed

  • Red: The job has failed

Action button - Job

The drop-down menu offers various options depending on the current state of the job:

  • Cancel: Terminate the current running job

  • Restart: Resubmit the failed/canceled job to the queue

  • Delete: Remove the job from the dashboard

Header menu

Within the header bar are buttons that can trigger various actions.

Action button - Custom IO

Clicking this button will display a list of all available Custom_IO streams related to the project group.

If no action button is available, it may be due to the absence of a Custom_IO stream, lack of assignment to the group, or its disabled status.

Project switch

Clicking this button allows you to switch between various projects.

Please note that working with multiple projects simultaneously has certain limitations.

Read the disclaimer for more information.


Clicking the button will open the project log in a dedicated application. The log is located next to the project file.

Panel refresh

This button will reload the panel.


Clicking this button will force a synchronization between Cosmo and the project.

If there are new assets that haven't been synced yet (assuming no autosync option is set), the circle will change color to orange, indicating the number of items to be synced.

The count may be higher than expected, as bins are also counted as items.