Debug Streams

Open the Stream Debugger to monitor all live streams running in the system. To activate the debugger, press and hold the command key (for Macintosh) or the control key (for Windows). The debugger will then open in a new browser tab, specifically within a Chromium-based browser.

The browser tab will have a description with the DEBUG suffix, visible when hovering the mouse pointer over the tab..

When the stream debugger is active, it displays real-time information about all running streams in the system. Please note that this information is live and not saved automatically. To preserve this data, you need to save it within the streams, such as by using the "Write file output action" node.

The primary purpose of the debugger is to inspect workflows created through streams. While the stream designer allows partial examination of data records, the debugger provides a more comprehensive view since it captures all data records during runtime.

This functionality proves particularly useful for debugging FX streams, as job-streams in IO, CO, and HK can be accessed through their logs.


This section provides information about the currently executed stream, including:

  • Thumb: Indicates whether the stream was successful or not

  • Icon: Indicates whether it is a server or a client stream

  • Description 1: Displays the stream's name, start time, and stream ID

  • Description 2: Displays the client's IP address that executed the stream, along with the trigger of the stream (e.g., CUSTOM_USER)


This section provides details about each of the stream's running nodes, including:

  • Status: Indicates whether the node was successful or not

  • Timestamp: Displays the date and time when the node was executed

  • Message: Contains information about the executed node. You can click on any of the status icons to directly open the corresponding stream in the stream designer. This feature allows for faster configuration and highlights the corresponding node for ease of reference.

For additional information, refer to: Stream Debugger