The projects menu is almost identical for all four modules: FX, IO, CO and HK.

For more information navigate to the HelmutFX projects tab:


Differences in Cosmo Action Menu

In contrast to the HelmutFX projects window, clicking on the project name only displays the Custom_FX trigger.

For further information towards the action button in Cosmo see: CO Event Triggers

Project content view

In contrast to HelmutFX, clicking on the project name does not open the corresponding application to start editing. Instead, it displays the content of the Premiere Pro or After Effects project.

The prerequisite for viewing the content of a project is that the project has been previously indexed via a Cosmo Project File Index Action node. During indexing, all information from the project file is read and entered into the Cosmo database.

The Cosmo project reference is always a snapshot, as there is no possibility to create live synchronization. New assets and bins imported via the Helmut4 panel or any other related workflow, such as a watchfolder, can be pushed to the Cosmo project using the Cosmo Add Asset To Project Action node.

In the Cosmo project view, folders, subfolders, assets (supported audio/image/video types), as well as sequences and compositions are displayed.