Stream Last_Result

This wildcard returns the value of a previous node like a Regex Apply Action.

The value of the wildcard will be the same as common node outputs like {job.destination}, {job.proxy} and so on.

The function here is the same as one can get by using the wildcard {node.result.?}

The difference here is, that this value can't be overwritten by another node which is happening when using {stream.last_result}. For a detailed description look here: Difference {stream.last_result} vs {node.result.?}

Use of the wildcard

The wildcard is used in the following ways:

  • Use an action like Regex Apply

  • Define parameter and grab NodeID

  • Use the NodeID in another node with the syntax {node.result.NodeID}

    • For the following input (?) --> 66f3db1b-8ded-4920-b3be-3b350db8f156

      • {node.result.66f3db1b-8ded-4920-b3be-3b350db8f156}

The result in this case is equal to {stream.last_result}.

The NodeID does also provide special access when used with certain nodes like: