Project Lock Action

With the help of the Project Lock Action, it is possible to lock a project, for example, via a stream triggered by the 'open_project' trigger. This capability applies to any type of project in Helmut and can be utilized in two different ways:

  • Simple Locking: This indicates that the project has already been opened by a user.

  • Forced Locking: In this mode, the project can no longer be opened by other users until it has been unlocked. Unlocking can be performed by another user, depending on the access rights, or it occurs automatically when the project is closed.

A project can also be locked even if it is not currently open. For instance, this might be done if the project should no longer be edited after a defined process has been completed, etc.

Another option to lock a project would be by using the Project Status Update Action node.

The Project Lock Action can be queried in any stream where a project object is present or if the ProjectID is known.

The node Premiere Native Lock Action does offer the same option which can be used while setting the Premiere Pro native file locking function.