Premiere Path Settings Action

With the help of the Premiere Path Settings Action V2, all available paths that can be set in the project settings, can be pointed to a pre-defined location. This covers various paths for the scratch disk as well as the ingest settings tab in the project settings

This node can be used while creating opening a project. No path is set by default, but the auto save location template is the one that should be set to use the HelmutFX "restore saves" function. By default the following wildcard can be used for the auto save location: {project.parent}/Saves

HelmutFX expects all auto save files to be saved in this folder. Every other path can be set as desired.

Please make sure that any folder/preset exists in advance as missing folders will lead that Premiere Pro replaces the path setting to its default value!

Project settings - scratch disk

  • Project path - {project.path}

  • Capture video/audio location - any folder

  • Video/audio preview location - any folder

  • Auto save location - {project.parent}/Saves

    • make sure this folder has been created in advance

  • CC libraries location - any folder

  • Motion graphics template media - any folder

Project settings - ingest settings

  • Preset path - any folder pointing to an Adobe supported epr file

  • Copy destination - any folder

  • Proxy destination - any folder